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Jan specializes in ultra lightweight hunting rifles, long range rifles, precision rifles, precision re-barreling, muzzle brakes, barrel-fluting. Serving customers in Canada and beyond.
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5 of 5 5 stars

OUTSTANDING! Jan finished off a blueprinted '98 a dear friend did. The Lothar Walther benchrest class barrel was chambered and installed perfectly. It's a $10k precision rifle build done right. Thanks Jan !!!
Reviewed by Terry on 24 August 2018

5 of 5 5 stars

Jan rebarreled a few 308 rifles for me and re installed iron sights on them each time. The rifles alway shoot straight at least to100yds so that no windage adjustment is ever necessary.He is also very knowledgeable on barrel steels and precision shooting.
Reviewed by George Bazos on 28 September 2017

5 of 5 5 stars

I sent Jan a 700 that had a custom .308 Win barrel installed by another shop. It was a 1 moa rifle at best. Jan discovered it had an oversize, misaligned chamber plus a number of other "woes". He rechambered the barrel, re crowned it and trued up the action, this rifle now shoots .4 moa with factory match ammo. Great job,: hanks Jan!
Reviewed by Ken Reimer on 27 July 2017

4 of 5 4 stars

Build 20 years ago my 308 custom made left handed sniper rifle. Flutted barrel, MC millan stock, jewwel tricer enz. Shoot like a razor!! It's like a Rolls build quality !! Csnt buy these in Holland. Still happy with it!!
Reviewed by Jos scholts on 17 November 2016

5 of 5 5 stars

Jan, on the 11th (one day after opening season), your 6.5x55 Mauser rifle precision-landed a Hornady SST into the heart of a beautiful four point Whitetail Buck. One shot. Your riffle is simply fantastic. You did such a great job creating this precision tool. Thanks so very much. That's a lot of healthy organic meat for the family, a nice stretch of leather, and a pristine memory.
Reviewed by Alex on 12 September 2016

5 of 5 5 stars

Thank you Jan for the wonderful work on my model 70. Converting a 270win to a 280rem, which involved a new barrel, stock, and bottom metal, as well as truing the action, working on the trigger, etc.
I couldn't be happier with the finished product. It is a dream to shoot and is very accurate!

Reviewed by Patrick on 14 January 2016

5 of 5 5 stars

Jan, you built me an excellent hunting riffle. The barrel shot in as instructed, the sight properly set and calibrated, and the first Buck in the cross hairs went down with the first bullet. A precision job, Jan! Thanks so much!!
Reviewed by Dutch on 30 October 2015

5 of 5 5 stars

Thank you, Jan, for your work on my trigger. Albeit a relatively small job, the difference is enormous! Super smooth trigger action now, and precisely at the light-touch-for-action I was looking for. Great job!
Reviewed by Hans on 11 June 2015

5 of 5 5 stars

I had Jan put on one of his latest designed custom 'Viper-HE' muzzle-brake on my 338 RUM: now with the 300 grain pills it has next to no recoil and shoots amazing. Great work.
Reviewed by Chris on 11 June 2015

5 of 5 5 stars

Thank you, Jan, for my beautiful rifle. Perfect for an outdoors girl like me. The 6.5x55 caliber gives such a gentle recoil that it doesn't hurt my sensitive shoulder. The rifle's precision is amazing! Very happy with the scope as well, and all your recommendation, customization, and overall support. Thanks, Jan!

Reviewed by Jaime on 27 March 2015

5 of 5 5 stars

I just wanted you to know the work you've done on both my Winchester mod 70 in .22/250 and Ruger M77 in .25/06, have resulted in the built of two extremely accurate and smooth operating bolt ­guns. The whole works: trueing of the actions, fitting custom s/s barrels equipped with Jan’s own design muzzle­brakes, the bolt­ and trigger work shows his skills and excellent workmanship. Incredible smooth bolt ­manipulation: 1 finger on the bolt, handle up and pulling back, thumb­ forward and down and this without the cross-hair ever leaving the target. Top it ­off with a sweet and light trigger ­pull: definitely a " must have " if you're going for small vermin ­sized targets way out there. I have no problems to put all groups inside a dime at 100 yards with hand loads and the faster twist barrels he advised and fitted have proven themselves lethal stuff on all sized critters/game. Thanks again, Jan!

Reviewed by Tony Mo on 01 August 2014

5 of 5 5 stars

Jan, Thanks for the latest rifle build! It has come in exactly at specified weight: the fit and finish is fantastic. The best part of any rifle is always in how they shoot and this light weight 7mm08 Rem has done its part with several 1/2 inch three shot groups. At under 7lbs scoped it will be a joy to carry in the mountains and with accuracy like this; I'll have all the confidence when a tough shot presents itself!

Reviewed by Adam Faulkner on 15 May 2014

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